Don't let the world fool ya!

I can't tell you the countless number of years I've spent focusing on what I assumed to be the only two options available to me and everyone else to navigate this "thing" called life. 

I was raised in the church and relied heavily on the interpretations of those in ministry and connected closely to the church to guide me. The guidance seemed genuine and legitimately useful until I begin to have REAL problems. 

It was then that I began to question EVERYTHING! 

The first concept, in my mind's eye, to come under attack was the one that was drilled in over and over again, "You're either sowing or reaping."

At first it seemed plausible, according to the scriptures and sermons used in support of the claim, but then I began to ask practical questions that took me well beyond the scripted doctrines. 

But then after awhile I became depressed and disillusioned with the idea that the Creator of the entire Universe was limited to a two-step process. I just wasn't buying it anymore.

It doesn't take the IQ of a rocket scientist to begin to realize that something, A LOT of something, has to transpire before you reap what you sow. What happens in between is what interested me most. So in my prayer and meditation time I simply asked and Heaven began to speak. (God is so gracious and loving with respect to leading you to the answers needed to move you along the process. God is not like man. God loves to give so you can grow and move to the next level.)

When you undertake a new endeavor is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the levels that are involved in order to reach full maturity. There is a process to everything and IF you do not understand the phases involved you will forever spin your wheels and flounder with the idea. There is a reason and "season" for everything. The key is knowing what they are and identifying what each one has to offer. 

I pray this assists you understanding a little more of where you are.

The abbreviated version is this: 

FIRST comes the idea and the possibility of what could be. The BEGINNING. The sowing.

The SECOND stage involves silence. You must learn to be still and know what it is that God requires from both you and the process. 

The THIRD stage involves you learning how to communicate the vision and truly coming to terms with what is required to make it work. 

The FOURTH stage is when the rubber meets the road. It's now time to put in the work to get the task done.

The FIFTH stage involves a great degree of focus and discipline. You will be challenged along the way and presented with many opportunities to abort the process. It is during the fifth stage that you dig in and truly make your decision to commit.

The SIXTH stage is where things calm down a bit and you have the opportunity to determine what your true responsibilities are.

The SEVENTH stage is where you MUST do the internal work if you want the external to manifest in a positive way. 

The EIGHTH stage is the sowing stage. This finally where you get to witness the fruits of your labor. Good work yields a good harvest. Crappy work yields a crappy harvest. 

The NINTH and final stage is all about closing the books on this process, so you can begin the work all over again. 

Where do you feel you are in the process? 

I'd love to hear from you.