Thank you so much for your support over the years!

We're growing and it feels so good!

With growth comes adjustments. With adjustments comes change. One of the changes we are making this year is that we are switching over to subscription-based programming.

This transition is very exciting for us! We are looking forward to implementing this new structure so that we in turn can deliver an improved and more seamless delivery of our services to you.

We have attempted to keep everyone in mind as we structured these programs. We pray that you find a package that meets your needs.

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“Free As A Bird”

Are you still on the fence about being in community? Not sure if you want to commit to a monthly membership? Then click here https://www.facebook.com/groups/145841769451333/?ref=bookmarks to join AJ365 for free! Hang out with us, kick the tires and take Always Journal for a spin. We'd love to have you!

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The Listener-$29

Designed with the non-journaler in mind, this audio archive package contains more than 100 hours (and growing) of Always Journal recordings. Let's face it, not everyone has a passion to journal and we get that. However, you can still benefit from the daily lessons without feeling the pressure of having to journal everyday. If this is you, then go ahead and register here https://sowl.co/rhM6i

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Wisdom Seeker-$69

Calling all serious journalers! This package is for you! This package is designed for the daily truth seeker. You are the person who needs a little bit of Always Journal everyday to move you through the process. This package includes the current journal challenge, 5AM ZOOM call, monthly workshop, and a complete archive of all previous challenges. Sign up here https://sowl.co/rt2dN to get a jump on any challenges you've missed.

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Full Circle - $149

If you love, love, love community and Always Journal, then this package is for you. Leveling up to Full Circle Memberships enables you to immerse yourself in all things Always Journal. This program offers you the best of both worlds. This package includes the current journal challenge, 5AM ZOOM call, monthly workshop, a complete archive of all previous challenges, monthly book club, AJ365 accountability group, AJ365 Lifepath Community and discounts on AJ365 Intensives. Register here to get started https://sowl.co/HGaYO.

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Spirit-Led -$499

The Spirit-Led entrepreneur package has been designed for the person who wants it all including one-on-one time with AJ. This package is not for the weak of heart. If you are serious, then this package is for you. If you are ready to level up and do some deep soul excavation, then this program is for you. Come into this program knowing that AJ will not take it any easier on you than God does with her! This package includes the current journal challenge, 5AM ZOOM call, monthly workshop, a complete archive of all previous challenges, monthly book club, AJ365 accountability group, AJ365 Lifepath Community, discounts on AJ365 Intensives and 2-30 minute sessions with AJ monthly. If you're ready to level up click here https://sowl.co/gvUoD.




Not interested in membership, but still want to check out a few of our programs? Then, maybe one of our individual packages may interest you.

AJ365 LifePath Community (1,500.00 annually):

Description of Program: The AJ365 LifePath Community has been created to support each member as they journey through their own unique path. This community has been created with the soul expressed desire to assist everyone who chooses to identify the rhythm of their own life.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the seasons of your own life

  • Create true affirmations that work in harmony with the truth of who you are

  • Learn the power of radical obedience

  • Re-calibrate your life so that you can learn to live 12-hours for God and 12-hours for man

  • Explore Dreams and delve into true dream interpretation

  • Receive weekly assignments that will assist you in moving through the process

  • AND MORE….

Why: Knowing that you have been created for a purpose and taking the time necessary to identify that purpose is something that many fail to accomplish. Falling susceptible to the world’s definition of who you are traps many into living lives less than what God has intended.

Benefit: The benefit of being part of the LifePath Community is that it allows you the opportunity to know that you are not doing the work alone. Being guided through the process of self-discovery allows you the grace and mercy to just learn and grow and your own pace.

AJ365 THE BOOK CLUB $25 (Per Session)

Description of Program: The AJ365 Book Club has been created to assist those wanting to go deeper in their understanding of this Spiritual journey we call life. Learning from those who have gone before us is just another way to garner greater insight as to the inner workings of Heaven.

Why: Knowing that there is power in the written word will assist you exponentially in advancing your spiritual growth.

Benefit: The benefit of working in community is that it affords you the opportunity to grow through the conversations, insights and wisdom of those like minded individuals who are taking the journey with you.


Description of Program: The AJ365 Accountability Group has been created for those needing daily support as it relates to advancing their dreams. Your vision can only produce consistently when the channel is made clear. Are you making it easy for your vision to perform for you?

Why: Knowing what your vision requires is imperative to learning the power of being equally yoked with Heaven.

Benefit: The benefit of having a fully engaged accountability group on your side is that it affords you the opportunity to face the truth about yourself and determine exactly what needs to be done in order to move your dream from Heaven to Earth. Is pride stopping you? Are you stuck in some form of unforgiveness? Do you just not have confidence in your ability to do what needs to be done. Then you need some real accountability.


Description of Program: The AJ365 5AM Journal Challenge is designed to take you deeper into personal development each month. These journaling sessions are created to cover real life topics that every individual needs in order to live a fulfilled life.

Why: Knowing that personal development never ends, you are able to ensure that you are constantly placing yourself in position to grow spiritually, mentally and physically on a monthly basis.

Benefit: The benefit of being part of a journaling community is that it affords you the opportunity to plan your personal development strategy well in advance. Knowing that you are taking a proactive approach to self-healing is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

AJ365 One-on-One Coaching (Consultation Required) -

Description of Program: Individual coaching programs are created according to your needs. Everyone needs a coach occasionally to move them through the process.

Why: Knowing that you have someone on your team who has been where you are will assist you in moving through the process more rapidly than attempting to navigate to scenario alone.

Benefit: The benefit of one-on-one work is that you are afforded to opportunity to work from a higher perspective as it relates to dealing with whatever your scenario you face.

1- Hour Session - https://sowl.co/8bGUg

2- Hour Session - https://sowl.co/xw1rv

3 or more hours (consultation required)

AJ365 INTENSIVES $399 (and up) -

Description of Program: AJ365 Intensives are special programs created to take individuals deeper than regular community work. Intensives are created to allow students to move in a spirit-led way without interruption as we explore in depth various topics throughout the year. Sessions last anywhere from 2-3 hours weekly.

Why: Being able to work without rigid time restraints allows Heaven to flow uninterrupted through the process.

Benefit: Intensives, as it relates to Always Journal, are as close as you can get to one-on-one coaching with a smaller price.